Nicholas Fraser (University of Toronto) & John W. Cheng (Tsuda University), “The New Consensus on Immigration?: Identifying the Racial Undertones of Immigrant Selection Outside the Western Context”

U.S. EDT: July 9 (Thu), 8 - 9 pm JST: July 10 (Fri), 9 - 10 am NOTE: Registration required! LINK   Presenter: Nicholas Fraser (University of Toronto). Abstract: To what extent do natives oppose admitting ethnically or culturally different immigrants? Several experimental studies show that natives in developed countries prefer high-skilled immigrants. This skills premium argument […]

Trevor Incerti (Yale) & Hikaru Yamagishi (Yale), “Do Firms Benefit from the Revolving Door? Evidence from Japan”

U.S. EDT: 8 – 9 pm, August 13 (Thursday) JST: 9 – 10 am, August 14 (Friday) NOTE: Registration required! LINK   Presenters: Trevor Incerti (Yale University), Hikaru Yamagishi (Yale University). Abstract: A growing literature finds high returns to firms connected to legislative office. Less attention has been paid to benefits from bureaucratic connections. Yet […]

Panel: “How to Frame Japan-Related Research for Publications and the Job Market”

U.S. EDT: 8 – 9 pm, September 17 (Thursday) JST: 9 – 10 am, September 18 (Friday) NOTE: Registration required! Link.   Panelists: Amy Catalinac (NYU), Charles Crabtree (Dartmouth), Christina Davis (Harvard), Yusaku Horiuchi (Dartmouth), Phillip Y. Lipscy (University of Toronto), Frances McCall Rosenbluth (Yale), Daniel M. Smith (Harvard). We would like to collect questions […]

Fan Lu (Queen’s University) & Gento Kato (Nazarbayev University), “Can University Education Cultivate Immigrant Integration? The Case of Local Enfranchisement for Foreign Residents in Japan”

U.S. EDT: October 1 (Thu), 8 – 9 pm JST: October 2 (Fri), 9 – 10 am NOTE: Registration required! Link.   Paper can be found here. Presenters: Fan Lu (Queen's University), Gento Kato (Nazarbayev University). Abstract: While there is lively debate on whether higher education cultivates support for admitting foreigners into North America and Europe, […]