Welcome to JPOSS!

The Japanese Politics Online Seminar Series (JPOSS) is a virtual forum to present and discuss research-in-progress on questions related to Japanese politics, broadly defined. We intend to build a community of students and scholars who seek to foster collaboration and scholarship on Japanese politics.

We welcome proposals from all scholars, and we are particularly interested in providing opportunities for early-career researchers (i.e. non-tenured scholars, post-doctoral fellows, graduate students, etc.) to present their work and receive feedback that helps them move their projects forward and expand their impact and reach.  

Scholars are encouraged to submit proposals, regardless of where they are physically located and what methodological approaches they take. We have created this forum with the goal of building a virtual community of Japanese politics researchers on different continents, so that we may come together to discuss exciting new work.

What we’re interested in

We welcome work related to Japanese politics from all theoretical and methodological approaches. The following type of work is a good match for JPOSS:

  • Research that advances our theoretical or empirical understanding of Japanese politics, broadly defined. Research that draws on evidence from Japan to engage with broader disciplinary debates is also welcome. Japan may feature as the main case or one of several cases. 
  • All of the following types of papers are welcome: article-length working papers, concise excerpts from book manuscripts, research proposals, and pre-analysis plans. The paper should not already be published. 
  • Applications of new methods to advance our understanding of Japanese politics are welcome, but the contribution of the work should not be purely methodological. 
  • Problem-driven research. Papers that are purely descriptive, journalistic, or focused on policy prescriptions will be considered, but JPOSS may not be the best venue to obtain useful feedback on such work.

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