Submit Your Proposal

Those interested in presenting should fill out our Google Form, that includes a paper title, abstract, and keywords. The purpose of JPOSS is to provide advice and feedback on work in progress when it is most valuable. We welcome work at relatively early stages.

After submitting your proposal, please be patient while we try to schedule your session. A moderator will be in touch within two weeks. We will attempt to schedule one session per month, at least initially.

With the aim of making our sessions a permanent fixture on participants’ calendars, we will try to schedule sessions for 8 pm in New York time, which is 9 am (daylight saving time) or 10 am in Japan. However, being located in a different time zone that makes this time unworkable is not a reason not to apply. We will make every effort to accommodate presenters in different time zones, and in principle, will prioritize scheduling sessions at a suitable time for the presenter.